I became a Christian in 2007, so I know what it is like to come to faith as an adult.


Back then, I had many questions (I still do!). The good news is that through the support of a loving church (the church is people), I was able to grow in love, faith and hope, and much to my surprise, God had plans for me to encourage others as a minister of the Church.


I am passionate about connecting people with God through Jesus Christ, and in walking alongside people at different stages of their faith journey. I know how hard it can be to take the plunge and connect with church for the first time, so I am committed to a vision of church which sees and treats the first-time visitor as the ‘honoured guest’ that they are.


I also know that life can be tough and challenging, but that it is in our darkest and most desperate times that the grace of God often shines through.


I live in Dalby with my wife Jane, and our three children.


Grace and Peace,
Adam Tipple

Minister Pastor Dalby