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At Dalby Uniting Church, we believe strongly in the value of inter-generational worship, so whether you are nine or ninety, we value your contribution to the worshipping community, and the ways in which we can all learn from one another and grow together in Christ.

We believe in excellence and authenticity in worship and strive for worship that is God-centered, meaningful and life-changing. We gather to share stories, joys and sorrows, and to celebrate God's great love for us all through Jesus Christ our saviour.

We believe that God has blessed us with great songs and hymns from many times and places, so at DUC we choose songs primarily based on their quality and depth, and their fit with the themes of the service, rather than committing to be either 'contemporary' or 'traditional'. You are just as likely to hear 'Blessed Be Your Name', as you are to hear 'How Great Thou Art'.

Children are present for parts of the service in which we seek to include them, before taking some time to do activities with our kids' team. 

We look forward to worshipping with you!

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