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Behold  the  Man           From ‘Australian Prayers’ by B Prewer

    Holy God, this is the day we most love, yet hold in most awe. We behold the Man, and tremble.

   O God, as Jesus is lifted up, our faith must either be renewed of lost. We see him and recognise the kind of person we want to be and yet are afraid to be.

   Behold the Man, despised, outcast, accursed—quite dispensable when the powerful snap their fingers or rattle their money-bags.

   God, we confess that the things we deeply fear meet us at this execution. It is a nightmare from which we wish to hide our faces—from the one who seems abandoned by earth and heaven.

   This Golgotha is the place where our smooth sensible ideas of success, power, wisdom, faith and divine love are shattered by a human beat.

   Either we must abandon this world’s wisdom and begin again or we must abandon you, God. Here at this cross our faith either rises or falls. Lord, we believe; help us in our unbelief.


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